Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I know it's late...

I didn't dress out at PE today, I left my gym clothes at home. Just as well tho, I brought my laptop and looked up some stuff.

Night-Meredith walked in, lookin 4 the teacher. "She's not here," Mia told her, "and even if she were I wouldn't tell you where she is."

Then she glared at Kate. "What YOU lookin' at, brace face?"
"All I see is a speck of dirt," Kate shot back. Meredith flipped her hair in Mia and Kate's faces and left.

Kate and I ran into her and her posse in the hallway before lunch. I don't know who the redhead is, but the curly haired girl in the pink skirt is Sasha Moore, and the other dark haired girl on the end is Vicky Vaccaro.
The first debate for student body president is this Friday.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Just some stuff

A third candidate has jumped into the race to become the next student body president at Adams. Her name is Hilary Lang. She got in on the last day to get in.
Hiliary IMO is even more goody goody than Haley if that's possible. Lemme tell ya bout Hilary. She's a vegan and she's from California and she went to the national spellin' bee last year and I think Haley knows her pretty well. I don't know her too good. Then again I don't know Mia, either.

Meanwhile, I had my first run-in 2day with the Queen of Mean. And I'm not talking about Kylee either. It's Night-Meredith Hopkins herself, captain of the cheerleaders and the front runner to become the next student body prez.
"Where ya goin, weirdo?" she asked, flippin her hair. The strawberry shampoo made my eyes water. "You know, you're not supposed to be wearing that helmet and skates in the hallway."
"I'm going to the newspaper office," I said as I skated away.

Yes that's Natalie Spencer in the Adams colors. She's a cheerleader now.

Friday, September 24, 2010

IM convo

I was on IM last nite with Haley's cuz Nicki, who lives in Colorado. We have some things in common, we both luv dogs, but she trains 'em to be service dogs and stuff. It's pretty cool. When I told her about the thing with the bunny she was as upset as I was.

SprocketsGirl: R you serious? Did Meredith Hopkins really throw that girl's
pet bunny in the dumpster?
i_luv_dogz: Yup, she sure did. That's where me
and Kate found it.
SprocketsGirl: She is soooo lucky I cant get there. I luv
animals and hate when folks are being mean to them.
i_luv_dogz: Me 2. That's
why me and Kate took the bunny back 2 the lab and cleaned it. I swear, Nicki,
she's evil.
SprocketsGirl: The bunny was in a cage rite?
Rite. Laney says it was.
SprocketsGirl: Did she herself lift the bunny and
throw it in the dumpster? Knowing Meredith I doubt it. Perhaps she had one of
her girls do it.
i_luv_dogz: I dunno. We found the bunny there and we were
shocked. Who would do somethin like that?
SprocketsGirl: I belong to ASPCA,
Animal Welfare League and do volunteer work at an animal shelter. I read ur blog
entry and was pretty upset. Have you talked to the principal yet? This is a big
i_luv_dogz: Nah, the principal thing isn’t really 4 me. I see the
inside of enuf offices as it is.
SprocketsGirl: Oh. I see. I’d still tell
the principal, tho. This is serious stuff. Look, I gotta go, it’s gettin late.
Lemme know what you decide! :)

Oh, one more thing. Speak of Kate, she's Kate Kittredge, my BFF since third grade. Sometimes she's called Kit cause she kinda looks like her great-grandma who sounds like she was totally amazing. We do just about everything together. 'Cept Kate likes baseball. LIKES BASEBALL. I can't stand it. I think it's totally boring. But Kate knows a lot of useless baseball trivia, stuff only sports geeks know.

Anyways, that's Kate with a mouth full of metal. Yup, she got braces today!

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