Tuesday, December 21, 2010

In detention - again, Part 1

I was in detention yesterday. And it was all because of Meredith Hopkins and her snotty friends.
They were lined up in front of the cafeteria when she made a snide comment making fun of my singing in Hebrew at the holiday pageant. Naturally this is a sore spot for me.
"You try singing in a foreign language," I shot back.
I'll write more on this later.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Holiday Pageant Preps

So preps 4 Friday's holiday pageant are in full swing. Cassidy even showed up in dress cause she's doing a solo Friday. That girl Sasha Moore has a solo too.
Cassidy has asked me to sing a Hanukkah song for the Jewish kids at school (I know of me and Ethan and one other person). I dunno. Hanukkah is OVAH, and in some ways I'm glad it is.

If the glee club concert weren't enuf, there's the Nutcracker ballet. 8th grader Maitte Luna is playing Clara this year. There's Cassidy (with Maitte) in the gym flexing, cause she's part of the corps, playing one of the party guests.

Thursday, December 9, 2010


So Cassie (Cassidy) Fitzgerald is just about everywhere. And yes, she's still asking me to join the glee club. I reminded her that I'm Jewish and we don't celebrate Christmas, and she promised to include some Hanukkah songs.
We were walking to study hall when we started chatting. She's from West Liberty, Kentucky, which is one of those little towns you blink and you'll pass by.
Meredith Hopkins and Kylee Phillips both hate her so she must be doing something pretty good.
She's a fan of the TV show 'Glee,' loves musical theater, and dreams of going on Broadway. "I think I'm the only person on earth who has all three High School Musical movies on DVD and have watched them more than once," she said. I rolled my eyes.

She and I have study hall in our library, and our library has an actual bunch of real books. Very old books.

So I look over at her and she's looking at a brochure for Innerstar Magnet Academy, which is a school for smart kids, a school I'll never go to.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Happy Hanukkah!

Hanukkah is the Jewish Festival of Lights, it was today, on the 6th day of Hanukkah, that I got my Hanukkah outfit from Vee. I got to light the menorah for the first time at home too. At our house, each family member gets a turn at lighting the menorah. Today it was my turn and I was excited, cause it was the first time I ever got to light it. "Lindsey, you're a big girl now," mom said, "I think it's time to let you light it."
I tried to be as careful as I could with the burning candle -- but don't worry, everything is in tact and the house isn't burnt down.
There's a chance of snow flurries down here 2nite so K8 and I are gonna try to stay up as long as we can.
Oh, and I got Mini Rebecca as a Hanukkah gift, I'm so happy!

Monday, November 29, 2010

A Glee Club Christmas

I overheard Cassie Fitzgerald asking Hilary Lang, the newly installed student body president, if the glee club could use one of the empty classrooms for their practices and stuff. "Our Christmas concert is on the 17th, as part of the pageant," Cassie said. "We need a space to get ready. There's Nutcracker practice in the gym, so we need our space, too."
"Sure, I guess you guys could use the empty old storage room," Hilary thought.

Thing is, half of the glee club is also in the Nutcracker, lol, including Cassie herself. And she's singing a solo on the 17th.

Grrr Blogger is sooo not my friend rite now. Its not lettin me upload my pix.

So, anyways, the glee club is now practicin in the room next to the newspaper, which means K8 and I could hear all their bad harmony, lol. Sasha Moore, tho, actually can sing. I dunno about the rest. Next door I heard "The Little Drummer Boy." They need a lotta work.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Hey again

I dunno what came over Kate and me when we promised Cassidy we'd help with the glee club food drive.
So today, a Saturday, even tho neither one of us are glee club members we had to help with the food drive, to help gather the canned goods for delivery to the local food bank.

Isabelle Yarbrough is the new yearbook photographer. She moved here from Dallas, Texas and takes pictures all the time. She says growing up in Dallas she wanted to be a Dallas Cowboys cheerleeder. Ugh. Other than that tho she's kewl.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Long time no post

Hey y'all,

I know I haven't posted on here, been much 2 busy with school! School sux, it really does. But not for my bestie Kate, she got str8 A's ... again. Sigh. Finally we have all next week off, I'll TRY to be around more often.

Speaking of my bestie, this is our (late, I know) entry for Holly and Kelsey's contest over at the Bolton Girls blog. Haley already won one of their contests, can we make it 2 for 2? Doubt it, lol. Anyway, for the winter we plan on playing in what little snow we get this year, drinking lots of hot chocolate, and, oh yeah, what else, getting lots of presents.

Oh guess what? Hilary Lang was elected student body prez by 1 vote. I bet it was Cassidy's. She'd told me she wasn't sure who she'd vote for but after Meredith snubbed her for glee club, she decided to vote for Hilary instead, even tho Hils isn't in the glee club either.
Gonna try to post more later, but 4 now, ta-ta!

Monday, October 11, 2010

More rotten luck

K, so I was late 4 detention Sat morning (see last post 4 why) and they made me stay another hour. I was depressed about that.
So now Kate is depressed cause her beloved Cincy Reds lost (she calls it 'swept') in the baseball playoffs. She still goes back there every summer.
And my rotten luck has continued. Today I ran into Mia St. Clair and Natalie Spencer in the hallway, they had come from dance class. Since when do we take dance classes at Adams?
"Oh, hi, Linds and Kate," Mia said in between sips. "Where you guys off to?"
"We're going to the paper, we have to put out another edition," Kate replied, "news never sleeps."
Then she asked Mia why she dropped out of the race to be student council president.
"I've got regionals coming up in a few weeks," Mia answered. I'd forgotten that she'd been a champion figure skater and I thought she'd quit that.
Meanwhile, Cassidy is still on me about joining the glee club. I can't see myself doing it. At all.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

A rotten day

2day was a mizrable day.
First I ran into Cassidy Fitzgerald in the hallway. Literally. Nearly knocked her down with my skates.
She didn't complain tho, she just dusted herself off and kept going. But not be4 she asked me for the 10,000th time if I wanted to join the glee club. She claims 2 have 12 sigs already. "Ya know, Lindsey," Cassidy says, "we could sure use your ... energy ... in the glee club." I roll my eyes. First off, I'm not even sure how she knew my name. Srsly, can y'all imagine me singing? Ok, imagine a croaking frog. That's what my brother Ethan says I sound like. I tried singing during dreidel last Hanukkah, trust me.

Next, I run into Hall-Monitor Hilary -- that's Hilary Lang, who is running for student body president -- and she totally gives me the evil-eye as shes setting up her campaign stuff.
Then, I forgot my gym clothes again so I heard the three words I dread most in the English language.
Saturday. Morning. Detention.
Apparentley, you could only not have your uniform a certain number of days before you get detention. So, now I have to get up at 8 on Saturday morning and go to detention for 4 hours. Fun. Not.
The worst thing of all, is I caught my brother, Ethan Bergman, who tries soooo hard to be kewl and hang around the kewl gurlz, with his arms around... yes the scum of the earth, Kylee Phillips. Ewwwwww.
And finally, this evening Vee comes home and says she needs $7K for dental work and some of us girls will have to be re-adopted out. She's said me and a few others are safe tho, she's gonna concentrate on rehoming Cabbage Patch dolls first before dealing with AGs. I don't wanna see anybody leave, even tho I don't like some of 'em, most of 'em I don't even know well.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I have some pix that will, like, TOTALLY ruin Meredith Hopkins' campaign for student body president. I plan to post these all over school.

Clicky click here here 4 the goods :D

And to be fair, I'm here too.

Clicky click here here 4 the goods :D

Monday, October 4, 2010

Glee Club

The election isn't the only thing going on at Adams Middle School.
We now have a glee club (insert green barfing emoticon here) and we owe it all 2 one person.

Her name is Cassidy Fitzgerald, she moved here from Kentucky, she's a fan of the TV show "Glee" and she dreams of going on Broadway. Gag me.

Anyway, they're signing folks up for the glee club till the 15th. I saw Cassidy in the hallway with her table.

I looked over while I was coming out of the cafeteria and I saw Harriet over there with Cassidy. Harriet? Glee Club?

Sure enough, when I passed by Cassidy's table, I see "Harriet Jones" written on the page. I can't believe she signed up for this. Wait till I tell this to Haley.

Friday, October 1, 2010

And the candidates are...

Hey, I'm Kate reporting. I love this stuff, it's my passion.
The candidates for student body president are, from left to right: Meredith Hopkins, Hilary Lang, and Mia St. Clair.
Meredith, of course, is the spoiled rich snob who thinks she can get anything she wants just by snapping her fingers and saying boo.
Hilary Lang is the honor student who went to the national spelling bee last year. She just returned from a year at a California prep school.
Mia St. Clair is the star athlete at Adams. She dabbles in figure skating, field hockey, volleyball and basketball as well. Her dream is to qualify for the 2014 Winter Olympics.
In a few days I'm going to have to sit down with all of them, ask them questions about themselves, and write an article about them. Frankly I'm not wild about either candidate, I can't wait till I myself am eligible to run next year. I don't know any of them well.

And yesterday in the gym it was MY duty, as reporter, to moderate the debate between them. "What would you bring to the office if you're elected president?"
"When I'm elected president," said Meredith.
"You're not going to get elected," countered Mia.

Hilary added, "Besides this is Haley Hotchkiss' spot and whoever gets elected is just filling it until she gets back."
"Whatever. When I get elected I'm going to make sure I'm queen of the school and we have all the rockin', happenin' dances and parties."
I heard some boys in the back row applauding.
Then I asked Hilary the same question.
"If I'm elected president," she said, "I'll bring a sense of responsibility and leadership. I'll work hard to make Adams Middle School the best it can be."
Meredith feigned a yawn.
"If I'm elected president I'll bring the same dedication I bring to my sports to this job. I don't like to lose and I'll make sure Adams Middle doesn't either."

Then Vicky Vaccaro stood up. I was surprised at Vicky, because usually she doesn't talk unless one of her posse does.

"Why do you want to become president?" she asked. And to my surprise she asked a good question.

"Why else would I want to be president?" Meredith asked. "Because I deserve it."

Hilary straightened up. "I believe I'm the person best suited to represent Adams Middle School and I'll be sure to do the best job I can."

Mia stepped back. She looked around the room ... and then stepped forward again. "I've decided to leave the race and support Hilary Lang's candidacy."

If this didn't get crazier...

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I know it's late...

I didn't dress out at PE today, I left my gym clothes at home. Just as well tho, I brought my laptop and looked up some stuff.

Night-Meredith walked in, lookin 4 the teacher. "She's not here," Mia told her, "and even if she were I wouldn't tell you where she is."

Then she glared at Kate. "What YOU lookin' at, brace face?"
"All I see is a speck of dirt," Kate shot back. Meredith flipped her hair in Mia and Kate's faces and left.

Kate and I ran into her and her posse in the hallway before lunch. I don't know who the redhead is, but the curly haired girl in the pink skirt is Sasha Moore, and the other dark haired girl on the end is Vicky Vaccaro.
The first debate for student body president is this Friday.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Just some stuff

A third candidate has jumped into the race to become the next student body president at Adams. Her name is Hilary Lang. She got in on the last day to get in.
Hiliary IMO is even more goody goody than Haley if that's possible. Lemme tell ya bout Hilary. She's a vegan and she's from California and she went to the national spellin' bee last year and I think Haley knows her pretty well. I don't know her too good. Then again I don't know Mia, either.

Meanwhile, I had my first run-in 2day with the Queen of Mean. And I'm not talking about Kylee either. It's Night-Meredith Hopkins herself, captain of the cheerleaders and the front runner to become the next student body prez.
"Where ya goin, weirdo?" she asked, flippin her hair. The strawberry shampoo made my eyes water. "You know, you're not supposed to be wearing that helmet and skates in the hallway."
"I'm going to the newspaper office," I said as I skated away.

Yes that's Natalie Spencer in the Adams colors. She's a cheerleader now.

Friday, September 24, 2010

IM convo

I was on IM last nite with Haley's cuz Nicki, who lives in Colorado. We have some things in common, we both luv dogs, but she trains 'em to be service dogs and stuff. It's pretty cool. When I told her about the thing with the bunny she was as upset as I was.

SprocketsGirl: R you serious? Did Meredith Hopkins really throw that girl's
pet bunny in the dumpster?
i_luv_dogz: Yup, she sure did. That's where me
and Kate found it.
SprocketsGirl: She is soooo lucky I cant get there. I luv
animals and hate when folks are being mean to them.
i_luv_dogz: Me 2. That's
why me and Kate took the bunny back 2 the lab and cleaned it. I swear, Nicki,
she's evil.
SprocketsGirl: The bunny was in a cage rite?
Rite. Laney says it was.
SprocketsGirl: Did she herself lift the bunny and
throw it in the dumpster? Knowing Meredith I doubt it. Perhaps she had one of
her girls do it.
i_luv_dogz: I dunno. We found the bunny there and we were
shocked. Who would do somethin like that?
SprocketsGirl: I belong to ASPCA,
Animal Welfare League and do volunteer work at an animal shelter. I read ur blog
entry and was pretty upset. Have you talked to the principal yet? This is a big
i_luv_dogz: Nah, the principal thing isn’t really 4 me. I see the
inside of enuf offices as it is.
SprocketsGirl: Oh. I see. I’d still tell
the principal, tho. This is serious stuff. Look, I gotta go, it’s gettin late.
Lemme know what you decide! :)

Oh, one more thing. Speak of Kate, she's Kate Kittredge, my BFF since third grade. Sometimes she's called Kit cause she kinda looks like her great-grandma who sounds like she was totally amazing. We do just about everything together. 'Cept Kate likes baseball. LIKES BASEBALL. I can't stand it. I think it's totally boring. But Kate knows a lot of useless baseball trivia, stuff only sports geeks know.

Anyways, that's Kate with a mouth full of metal. Yup, she got braces today!

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