Thursday, December 9, 2010


So Cassie (Cassidy) Fitzgerald is just about everywhere. And yes, she's still asking me to join the glee club. I reminded her that I'm Jewish and we don't celebrate Christmas, and she promised to include some Hanukkah songs.
We were walking to study hall when we started chatting. She's from West Liberty, Kentucky, which is one of those little towns you blink and you'll pass by.
Meredith Hopkins and Kylee Phillips both hate her so she must be doing something pretty good.
She's a fan of the TV show 'Glee,' loves musical theater, and dreams of going on Broadway. "I think I'm the only person on earth who has all three High School Musical movies on DVD and have watched them more than once," she said. I rolled my eyes.

She and I have study hall in our library, and our library has an actual bunch of real books. Very old books.

So I look over at her and she's looking at a brochure for Innerstar Magnet Academy, which is a school for smart kids, a school I'll never go to.

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