Tuesday, December 21, 2010

In detention - again, Part 1

I was in detention yesterday. And it was all because of Meredith Hopkins and her snotty friends.
They were lined up in front of the cafeteria when she made a snide comment making fun of my singing in Hebrew at the holiday pageant. Naturally this is a sore spot for me.
"You try singing in a foreign language," I shot back.
I'll write more on this later.

1 comment:

  1. Hebrew is really hard! In Hebrew school, I'm pretty good with writing it, but I get my syntax very messy when I try to speak it. Singing is not my strong spot, so I get really nervous about that sort of thing.

    Meredith is dumb and rude. Don't listen to her! As someone who has been a)teased about being Jewish and b)frequently in detention, I can tell you that people like Meredith and her dumb lackeys don't mean a thing.