Monday, November 29, 2010

A Glee Club Christmas

I overheard Cassie Fitzgerald asking Hilary Lang, the newly installed student body president, if the glee club could use one of the empty classrooms for their practices and stuff. "Our Christmas concert is on the 17th, as part of the pageant," Cassie said. "We need a space to get ready. There's Nutcracker practice in the gym, so we need our space, too."
"Sure, I guess you guys could use the empty old storage room," Hilary thought.

Thing is, half of the glee club is also in the Nutcracker, lol, including Cassie herself. And she's singing a solo on the 17th.

Grrr Blogger is sooo not my friend rite now. Its not lettin me upload my pix.

So, anyways, the glee club is now practicin in the room next to the newspaper, which means K8 and I could hear all their bad harmony, lol. Sasha Moore, tho, actually can sing. I dunno about the rest. Next door I heard "The Little Drummer Boy." They need a lotta work.

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  1. Yikes, I hope the glee club gets a little better before their big performance!