Saturday, November 20, 2010

Long time no post

Hey y'all,

I know I haven't posted on here, been much 2 busy with school! School sux, it really does. But not for my bestie Kate, she got str8 A's ... again. Sigh. Finally we have all next week off, I'll TRY to be around more often.

Speaking of my bestie, this is our (late, I know) entry for Holly and Kelsey's contest over at the Bolton Girls blog. Haley already won one of their contests, can we make it 2 for 2? Doubt it, lol. Anyway, for the winter we plan on playing in what little snow we get this year, drinking lots of hot chocolate, and, oh yeah, what else, getting lots of presents.

Oh guess what? Hilary Lang was elected student body prez by 1 vote. I bet it was Cassidy's. She'd told me she wasn't sure who she'd vote for but after Meredith snubbed her for glee club, she decided to vote for Hilary instead, even tho Hils isn't in the glee club either.
Gonna try to post more later, but 4 now, ta-ta!

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